This site will be a combination of an extended resume and a technical blog. For now, it is a placeholder for those things + a small catalog of my reasonably current projects.


The website music4dance.net is music referral service intended to help partner dancers find music that inspires them to dance.  music4dance.net/blog is a companion blog where I talk about the relationship between music and dance and how the site helps relate the two.  I am also in the process of writing a choreographer’s assistant mobile application that uses some of the same principals to help with some of the math behind the music behind the dance.

reboot myself

I started a blog called reboot myself when I left Microsoft as a means of getting some writing under my belt and sharing some of my experiences as I dove into learning new skills as an adult.


I have recently been experimenting with different teaching roles.

I am co-teaching a Data Structures and Discrete Math class at the North Eastern Seattle Campus.

I taught Introduction to Computer Science to high school students as part of the TEALS program.

I’ve been teaching weekend and evening workshops on Programming for Beginners at General Assembly.


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